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Worker's Compensation

Are You Entitled to Worker’s Compensation? You had an accident at work. It may or may not have been your fault. It does not matter, as long as you were injured will on the job, you are entitled to compensation if you have a permanent injury. You can't work or you can’t work the same job or the same hours. Workers’ Compensation coverage is insurance benefits to pay for reasonable and necessary medical care if you get hurt or get sick because of an injury on the job. Workers’ Compensation insurance will also pay you part of your salary if your doctor says you must be out of work for a certain period of time.

Kentucky requires employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, so if you get injured on the job, your medical expenses and salary are covered. But even with this safety net, insurance companies and employers can find loopholes and deny coverage. Workers Compensation Claims are often denied unjustly, preventing injured employees from recovering workers compensation benefits.

In a world where employers are looking to cut costs, qualifying for and receiving workers’ compensation benefits can be a complicated process. Companies and insurers have a financial incentive to deny even valid claims and force workers into rehabilitation programs that do not equip them to return to gainful employment. In workers' compensation cases, it's a matter of whether or not your injury is work-related and whether or not you can return to the work that you did before you were injured. We will be happy to explain what is required.

When you’ve been hurt on the job and are unable to work because of your injury, the last thing you need to worry about is battling the insurance company to get your medical bills paid and your wage loss reimbursed. At Rogers & Driver, PSC, we understand the stress placed on an injured worker and their family when a claim for workers’ compensation benefits is denied.

We represent all types of injured workers with workplace injuries or diseases. We help them obtain medical care and compensation for their lost wages, medical bills and permanent injuries. We obtain settlements for injured workers who have an injury at work or have contracted an occupational disease.


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